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| : 04.12.2011. 75947/11


F - 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex

From: the Applicants Attorney-in Fact

Elizaveta Pavlovna Napara

Dear Sirs,

Within the framework of Application No75947/11 (Davydov and others v. Russia) the Applicants find it necessary to notify the Court of the attempts on part of the Russian Federation to exert pressure on one of the Applicants, Andrey Davydov, in respect of his applying to the Court. Thus, calls are made to his home phone number by representatives of the Economic Crime Department (Alexander Andreyevitch Gushin (+7 911 141 17 17)), as well as representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee (Sergey Vladimirovitch Ryazanov (+7 981 860 67 91)), who invite him to talks in respect of his application to the European Court, the aims of which are unclear.

Yet the procedure of summoning a person for questioning by law enforcement agencies is provided for in the Russian criminal law, and the abovementioned unofficial calling in for a talk are unlawful under the Russian legislation.

Thus, in accordance with section 1 art.188 of the Russian Criminal Procedure Code summoning for questioning is made by way of issuing a subpoena which states who and in what capacity is summoned, the summoning person, the address, date and time of appearance, and legal consequences of failure to appear without valid excuse.

Taking into consideration the gravity of the subject matter of the application to the Court such actions of the Russian Federation cause reasonable apprehension of the Applicants.

In view of the aforesaid the Applicants find it necessary to notify the Court of the abovementioned circumstances.


Faithfully yours,

Applicants Attorney-in Fact

___________________________ E.P.Napara