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| : 04.12.2011. 75947/11


F - 67075 Strasbourg-Cedex

From: the Applicants Attorney-in Fact

Elizaveta Pavlovna Napara

Dear Sirs

In respect of extension by the Court of the term of submitting the Memorandum in respect of the Courts questions by the Russian Federation within the framework of Application 75947/11, the Applicants (Application Davydov and others v. Russia) hereby notify the Court of the following:

- the subject of the application was the violation by the Russian Federation of the procedure of election to the countrys Parliament, i.e. a government authority in charge of forming the legal base of the state. Thus, if the Court recognizes violation of art.3 protocol 1 to the Convention one could confirm illegitimacy of the Russian legislature which has been in place for three years already;

- over the past three years a lot of legislative acts were passed to strengthen the position of the corrupt administration, in particular the party in power and its members in the government.

For instance, the citizens right to freedom of election has been curbed by way of granting to the head of state some prerogative to sanction a persons election to a certain position.

In view of the aforesaid, the Applicants consider that any protraction, considering that the country is governed by civil servants obviously concerned not with the states prosperity but accumulation of power in their hands, is highly undesirable.


Faithfully yours,

Applicants Attorney-in Fact

___________________________ E.P.Napara