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GID/il 7 March 2013

Application no.75947/11

Davydov and Others v.Russia

Dear Madam,

I write to inform you that the judge appointed as rapporteur under Rule 49 P2 of the Rules decided that information was required from the applicants concerning the above case.

From your application forms and additional submissions it appears that you complain about falsifications during the elections of 4 December 2011 ( to the Federal and the City Duma) in one of the electoral districts in St-Petersburg. A preliminary examination of the case-file showed that in 2012 domestic proceedings initiated by the you were still pending.

The rapporteur has accordingly instructed me, under Rule 49 S 3 (a) of the Rules of Court, to request you to submit additional factual information, in the form of comprehensive application memorial, which would incorporate all of your previous claims and claims and relevant informations, including recent developments in the exhaustions process. That memorial should, in particular, cover the following factual aspects for each applicant individually:

(a) The status of the applicant (voter, member of the electoral commission, participant of the elections as candidate or member of the party participant of the elections, etc.) in respect of each type of elections (federal or city level);

(b) If a particular individual applicant represents a political party or another NGO, he should submit a document confirming his power to act on behalf of the organizations;

(c) A comparative table (or tables) describing true results of the elections, according to the applicants as compared to the official results. Each table should clearly identify type of elections (federal or city) it covers. The table should be supported by primary documents (in particular, original and final protocols of the voting) Each document referred to in the table must be attached, numbered and a list of documents attached to the table must be submitted;

(d) Circumstances in which the applicant obtained data about "true" results of the elections and the protocols they relied upon. If some of the applicants were entitled to obtain primary documents as members of the electoral commission, the application form must explain their in the elections and scope of their powers;

(e) Description of each particular avenue of exhaustion initiated in the connection with the alleged electoral fraud. Thus, for example, if a given applicant tried to initiate criminal investigations into the alleged fraud there be a chronological description of the development of the criminal investigation, with the dates of the complaints, appeals and domestic decisions, and a succinct descriptions of the essence of the domestic decisions. The description of the exhaustion process must be supported by primary documents, numbered and properly referred to, with a list of documents attached. In particular, you mast specify what the final decision for each separate avenue of exhaustion was, and, if formally the was not final decision, where proceedings stand now.

You may submit this information in Russian, if you so prefer. You mast submit the information and documents sought even if you consider that some parts of it are already in the Courts case-file. Parts (b) and (c) may be common for all applicants, if you consider it appropriate. If possible, you are encouraged to provide the Court with electronic copies of the materials you submit/

You are requested to submit this information by 6 MAY 2013

Yours faithfully,

Soren Nielsen

Section Registrar